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Certificate Program in Contract Management

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email: support@procurementinet.org

Course Delivery

The course is delivered completely online as e-learning. On successful completion of the programme, the Governance – Global Practice of The World Bank will award a completion certificate for the Certificate Program in Contract Management (CPCM).

How to Register

Please register on the portal, log in and select the option to enrol for the Certificate Programme from My Page. You are not required to pay any fees for this programme. The validity period for this programme is 21 weeks and you are encouraged to complete it well in time.

Assessment Structure

Only Summative Assessment is planned after completing all the modules. The pass percentage is set at 60%. You will be awarded the certificate only on scoring 60% or more. You may repeat the assessments to improve your score and receive the certificate.

Syllabus Structure

CPCM has nine modules comprising 24 units.

Course Introduction

  1. Contract Management
    1. Contract Management – Introduction
    2. Overview of Contract Management
    3. Overview of Activities in Contract Management
  2. Planning and People
    1. Resource Management
  3. Contract Formation
    1. Formulation of Contract
    2. Contract Start-Up
    3. Managing Relationships
  4. Contract Administration and Payments
    1. Contract Administration
    2. Payments
  5. Contract Management in Various Situations
    1. Contract Management in NCB Works
    2. Contract Management in ICB Works Contracts
    3. Contract of Supply of Goods
    4. Design, Supply and Installation Contracts
    5. Contract Management in Consultancy
  6. Managing Risks and Change
    1. Managing Risks
    2. Managing Change
  7. Contract Closure and Review
    1. Ending a Contract
    2. Post-Implementation Review
  8. Legal Aspects in Contract Management
    1. Contract Management Legal View
    2. Dispute Resolution
    3. Integrity in Contract Management
  9. Managing Performance
    1. Introduction
    2. Monitoring and Measurement

Objectives of the course

The modules under this certificate programme cover some general examples and best practices of contract management. The objective of this programme is to inculcate in-depth knowledge and understanding of Contract Management principles and practices.

Aim of the course

Contract Management is a very relevant element in the procurement cycle. It is accountable for more than 95% of the managing cost of a project. The risk involved in contract management is significant. Hence, World Bank thinks that enhancing and improving the skills in contract management is very important.

World Bank has launched this MOOC course, Certificate Program in Contract Management (CPCM) with state-of-the-art e-learning tools and technologies. This programme will provide a wonderful opportunity for users to refresh their understanding of the various processes involved in contract management.

CPCM Registration