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Hall of Fame
Adeel Zeerak main


Procurement Learning congratulates Mr Adeel Zeerak from Pakistan on securing a fantastic 92% on CPPP MOOC program! Read about his professional journey and motivation to complete the course.

I did B.E. in Mechanical Engineering in 1993 from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. Later I did MBA in 1999 with a bi-major in Marketing and Finance from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Pakistan.

I started my professional career in 1993 and currently have a total work experience of 24 years. Before joining a government organization, I have worked for almost 13 years in the private sector in Pakistan. Currently I am working at Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) since 2006. PIM is a Government organization with its head office in Karachi and is reporting to the federal ministry of Industries and Production. PIM provides training, education and consulting services to Pakistani government and private sector organizations. I am working here as a Deputy General Manager.

Although I have not worked in procurement department of any organization but I have learnt a lot about procurement while dealing with procurement departments of many professional organizations during my six years of Organizational Marketing career. Other than the CPPP and CPCM I have studied procurement as part of following trainings that I received:

I am a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) in 2012 from APICS, USA. Procurement was a part of this supply chain management training.
I have received Green Productivity training from Asian Productivity Organization (APO) during 2008. We were introduced the concept of Green Purchasing as part of this training.

Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) organizes various training programs including trainings on Procurement Management and Supply Chain Management. I personally conduct a short training program on the topic of ‘Effective Purchase Management’. Executives from various public sector organizations also come to us for the trainings. I therefore wanted to learn more about public procurement and therefore got interested in CPPP.

CPPP is a very valuable training on the topic of public procurement and I highly recommend it to all professionals working at the public sector.

Adeel Zeerak main

Mahmoud Sami Ibrahim main


Procurement Learning congratulates Mr Mahmoud Sami Ibrahim from Ramallah – Palestine on securing a fantastic 100% on CPPP MOOC program! Read about his professional journey and motivation to complete the course.

I have diversified experience in multi-sector humanitarian assistance and international development programs with more than 19 years of experience in procurement, contracts management, quality assurance and program management with national and international agencies, including World Bank, UN, DFID, and others.

Currently, I lead the department of Project Management and Quality in the Bank of Palestine, in cooperation with other departments leading the creation and implementation of the organization strategic initiatives, business development, quality improvement, and process re-engineering.

A certified trainer in Project Management and Procurement Systems providing training programs to hundreds of professionals in the WBG (Including training on public procurement to tens of government and public servant officials within programs funded by the world Bank) in support of reform and capacity building initiatives, as well as TOT programs for international executives.

Acted member in several procurements, contractors licensing, classification, and National Committees for Development of Standards.

Certified International Arbitrator by the Palestinian International Arbitration Chamber – PIAC,

Member in the Palestinian Arbitrators Association. (PAA), and

Certified Arbitrator by the Palestinian Ministry of Justice in the field of “Engineering Construction & Contracting “

Certified International Procurement Professional – CIPP   by International Academy of Business and Financial Management – IABFM

The Certificate Program in Public Procurement is interesting, attractive and very informative.  After completing the CPPP, I feel more confidence in planning and managing public procurement activities, and feel my knowledge has been more organized, and enhanced my ability to deliver trainings. Public procurement is essential in all countries, and considered as the main pillar towards managing public money in transparent, efficient and effective way.  Day after day I feel I am more committed and passionate to keep going in this field to accumulate more experience and professionality from one side, and to transfer knowledge to others through my offered trainings, consultations, and coaching on the other side. I advise all professional to complete the CPPP program, it is well designed, organized and comprehensive.  Completing the course will not only enhance experience in procurement, it would create a logical pattern of thinking, and advance the analytical skills to deal with diversified situations.

Procurement is not only about procedures, it is about talent and ability to be creative, accurate, and do things right from the first time, CPPP is a good map to be there.

mahmoud sami Ibrahim main

Who Should Join?

The opportunity to understanding the fundamentals of Public Procurement will prove valuable to a varied group of individuals. Gaining a perspective in this area of specialisation will not only add value to individuals, but also turn them into veritable assets for their organisations.

To get a bit more specific, the Certificate Course (CPPP) covering the basics of Public Procurement would be invaluable to:

  • Officers dealing with procurement in Central / Provincial governments /State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
  • Employees dealing with procurement in the private sector
  • Non-procurement professionals who manage procurement operations
  • Anyone who has an interest in gaining an understanding of Public Procurement

Whilst the Certificate Course will help develop an undeniable appreciation for Public Procurement, the Diploma Programme (PDPP) is tailored to give individuals an appreciation for the finer nuances of this niche area. The Diploma Programme (PDPP) is a comprehensive course in Public Procurement and promises to be a transforming experience for:

  • Government officials dealing with procurement in Central / State governments or local bodies (Villages and Municipalities)
  • Procurement professionals working in State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) / Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)
  • Employees dealing with procurement in the private sector
  • Graduates who aspire to make a career in Procurement
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