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Civil Service Training Institute Maldives

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Civil Service Training Institute Maldives Civil Service Training Institute Maldives
About the institute

Civil Service Training Institute (CSTI) is dedicated to help shape the public service by establishing a mechanism to train, learn and develop the government employees and establish a career based system for the Civil Service. Our primary focus is on the public service which comprises of different ministries and other government offices throughout Maldives.

The primary functions of CSTI, in line with those of similar institutes are to:
1. Identify the skills and knowledge required in different posts and conduct training programs to equip employees with knowledge and skills relevant to their posts.
2. Conduct training needs assessments on an on-going basis to identify and validate the training needs referred to above.
3. Build leadership skills, through development programs based on identified needs and on civil service values.
4. Customize management development curricula focused on the prior assessment of the specific supervisory tasks of target individuals and groups.
5. Equip civil servants to respond rapidly to new government priorities, both nationally and internationally.
6. Inculcate in civil servants a culture of political neutrality and professionalism in implementing the policies and programs of the government.
7. Organize and conduct seminars and workshops on relevant public administration topics in conjunction with overseas training institutions.
8. Promote and sustain a culture of continuous learning in the civil service to improve the performance of civil servants and reinforce the basic principles and core values of the civil service.
9. Plan and organize induction and orientation programs.
10. Encourage a global consciousness in civil servants by promoting international exchange activities based on joint learning and benchmarking of best practice.

To be a training and development institute of international standards leading to the development of a modern, world-class civil service in the Maldives

To deliver high quality programs based on identified human resource needs, resulting in a cadre of civil service officers committed to delivering high quality service in the Maldives


Awards & Achievements

Highlights, Awards and Achievements (Best supported by Photographs)

Highlights, Awards and Achievements (Best supported by Photographs)
Highlights CSTI
Developments and Major Achievements of Civil Service Training Institute (CSTI)
CSTI was established in 2009 to be training and development institute of international standards, leading to the development of modern, world-class civil service for the Maldives

Year 2009
CSTI was registered under Article 18 of the Civil Service Act, and section 20 of the Civil Service Regulation: empower the Civil Service Commission to establish a mechanism to train and develop Civil Servants.

• Initiation Phase
• Mainly CS Regulation and Performance Appraisal training programs were conducted during this period.

Year 2012

• Training Need Assessment was carried out.
• Competency studies were conducted
• Various competencies were developed in collaboration with UNDP
• CSTI library was established
• Training Directory was introduced.

Year 2013

• Started to conduct Yearly TNA.
• Based on competencies following training programs were developed.
1) Certificate 3 in Office Administration
2) Certificate 3 in Project Management
3) Certificate 3 in Accounting and Financial Administration
4) Certificate 3 in ICT for Office Administration
5) Diploma in Public Administration and Management
6) Induction Program.

Year 2014
• In- house curriculum development continued
• Maldives Civil Service Conference was held.
• CS Training Policy was developed.
• Publication of monthly newsletter “Training Buzz” was launched.
• Certificate Level Programs were introduced to Atolls

Year 2015

• Commencement of e- learning programs
• Civil Service Entrance Exam in Maldives was held
• CSTI website was upgraded with in-built online application systems.
• CS training policy was launched.
• Module Development for “hybrid Structure” was carried out.
• Continuance of Training Buzz Publication
• Conducted Public lecture series consisting of 3 lectures.
• Induction Program Toolkit was revised
• Started Professional Development Program for CSTI staff

• No. of staff training during the last 5 years.

Director’s Message

Ms. Fathimath HabeebaMs. Fathimath Habeeba

Director – CSTI

The CSTI was conceived as a training institute for civil service in the Maldives to support the country’s drive to raise professionalism of the civil servants. In this respect, the training we provide is deeply rooted in the training needs of various institutions in the Maldives. It is our goal that through customized training, we provide the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable Maldives civil service to contribute to better development and provide better service to Maldivian public. We believe that this can be done by ensuring that CSTI develop and persist as a relevant , practical and forward looking learning institution that encourages civil servants to promote “Quality People, Quality Performance and Quality Service: the vision of 3 Q’s of Maldives Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Since our inception as a training institute in December 2009, we have tried to establish ourselves as a strong training provider that delivers high quality programmes and training to a range of audiences from non-government organizations, to government officials across the Maldives. To this end, we have now established a number of strong partnerships with various organizations from the Maldives as well as institutions from abroad to achieve our goals.

CSTI will position itself to promote Maldives as a country with a civil service equipped with knowledge and expertise as well as the leadership to upskill workforce and drive Maldives towards greater developments.

Contact Details

Ahmed Yaameen
Senior Training Coordinator CSTI

E Learning Trainings, Information Technology and Innovation Department
Email: yaameem@csc.gov.mv
Phone: 3307304

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