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Miloda Academy of Financial Studies Sri Lanka

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Miloda Academy of Financial Studies Sri Lanka Miloda Academy of Financial Studies Sri Lanka
About the institute

Miloda Academy of Financial Studies was established in 2013 as the Training arm of The Ministry of Finance. It is the first such institute in Sri Lanka and will look into financial studies primarily in addition to language training, information technology training, technical and personality development training. Furthermore, it will provide and maintain training courses that are related to the monetary sector. The institute will also act as a training ground for Finance Ministry employees and private sector employees as well. Linking up with international universities and organizations such as The World Bank and International Monetary Fund in order to improve the knowledge transfer to Sri Lanka.

The institute possesses international level facilities with state of the art lecture halls, auditoriums and the latest in audio-visual appliances.

The institute is being housed in the renovated ‘Times Building’, although the inside houses a modern work environment and office complexes, the outer side of the building maintains its 19th century charm.

With a whole new range of courses set to launch in the next few months in areas such as Accountability and Governance, Commercial Skills, Leadership and Management, Information, Digital and Data management and so on. Miloda is gearing up to train Sri Lanka’s next generation of public and private sector employees.

Awards & Achievements

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Director’s Message

Mr. Anura LokuhettyMr. Anura Lokuhetty
Director, CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Miloda Academy of Financial Studies. In keeping with our vision and mission to provide unmatched training for the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka it is my pleasure to welcome on board The World Bank Group with whom we have partnered to provide a Certificate Program in Public Procurement free of charge. This is only the first step. As we move forward to achieve our mission and vision we will introduce many more programs and diploma courses to enable the workforce of Sri Lanka to improve themselves and take the country forward to greater heights.

Miloda, in collaboration with The World Bank is proud to be part of the procurement capacity building effort of The World Bank in Sri Lanka. Public procurement is an important element of the Sri Lankan economy. Its smooth functioning is essential as it acts as a tool for promoting and sustaining economic growth and socio economic development. Public procurement activity accounts for a substantial amount of global and national expenditure. So the need to enhance the skills and integrate the best practices in this field is vital which is why Miloda and The World Bank have partnered to train the people who are in and are soon to enter the workforce in this field is vital if Sri Lanka is to move forward as a financial hub in the South East Asian Region.

I am sure, with The World Bank initiative to launch the Professional Program in Public Procurement and Miloda’s contribution as a Partner institute, we would be in a position to make salutary contribution to management learning & practices of Sri Lanka.

Contact Details

Miloda Academy of Financial Studies
Miloda Academy of Financial Studies, Times Building, Bristol Street,
Colombo 01, Sri Lanka,
Phone: +94 (0) 11 2176300
Fax: +94 (0) 11 2336439
E-Mail: info@afs.gov.lk

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