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Dr. Himan Galappaththi

I’m a medical doctor holding a degree of MBBS and post graduate degree of MSc in Community Medicine. Currently doing my postgraduation MD in Community Medicine. I worked in the hospital setup as a medical officer for 2 years and after doing my MSc in Community Medicine, I was attached to the field healthcare medical officer post for 2 years.  Since my specialty is in public health I’m currently attached to the Environmental & Occupational Health Directorate, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka for 2 years. We are managing the national programs of Occupational Health and Environmental Health at the central level. While I’m attached to Ministry of Health, I followed certificate courses in Bid Document preparation and Bid Evaluation conducted by the MILODA financial institute in Sri Lanka. 

The knowledge on public procurement is highly desirable for us when we are working in public health institutions at central and regional levels. Gaining knowledge on procurement procedures in local context and international context is highly important to our public health profession, since we need to collaborate with international organizations as well.  Knowledge on public procurement will allow us to bring justice to the public money we are spending on public health programs. I’m helping others in the unit with their procurement actions to ensure transparency and Value for Money.

CPPP is a very comprehensive pack of knowledge deliver in a user friendly online platform. It uses simple language and commands to follow. So very useful for distant learners to follow an international standard course easily. The knowledge gained from this course was very useful to understand the fundamentals of the procurement. I enjoyed doing this course.

Dr. Himan Galappaththi




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