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Certificate Program in Contract Management

Syllabus Structure

CPCM has nine modules comprising 24 units.

Course Introduction

  1. Contract Management
    1. Contract Management – Introduction
    2. Overview of Contract Management
    3. Overview of Activities in Contract Management
  2. Planning and People
    1. Resource Management
  3. Contract Formation
    1. Formulation of Contract
    2. Contract Start-Up
    3. Managing Relationships
  4. Contract Administration and Payments
    1. Contract Administration
    2. Payments
  5. Contract Management in Various Situations
    1. Contract Management in NCB Works
    2. Contract Management in ICB Works Contracts
    3. Contract of Supply of Goods
    4. Design, Supply and Installation Contracts
    5. Contract Management in Consultancy
  6. Managing Risks and Change
    1. Managing Risks
    2. Managing Change
  7. Contract Closure and Review
    1. Ending a Contract
    2. Post-Implementation Review
  8. Legal Aspects in Contract Management
    1. Contract Management Legal View
    2. Dispute Resolution
    3. Integrity in Contract Management
  9. Managing Performance
    1. Introduction
    2. Monitoring and Measurement
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