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Nitish Das

I graduated in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Jorhat Engineering College, Assam, India and did Master of Engineering from Assam Engineering College, Assam, India. I had been awarded Doctor of Philosophy by Gauhati University, Assam, India.

My professional journey started when I joined a private architectural firm. I worked with Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre before joining Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Assam in 1994. While, I have 26 years of experience in civil engineering, I started to deal with the public procurement procedures some 17 years back. Apart from working in government sector, I have the experience of working as a consultant in private sector organizations, SMEC India Pvt. Ltd.; LEA Associates South India Pvt. Ltd.; Ernst and Young LLP, and multilateral funding agency, Asian Development Bank.

Out of my 17 years of public procurement experience, I have 8 years of experience in projects funded by Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. During this period, I had to deal with public procurement of works, goods, non-consulting and consulting services, the costs of which vary over a wide range. While practical experience has taught me a lot of the intricacies of the public procurement, I also got the opportunity to participate various training programs on public procurement.

Knowledge and skill are paramount to exhibit competency in the field pursued by a professional and upgrading the same is possible only by participating in relevant course studies/training programs. I found the structured course contents of CPPP in Procurement iNET very germane to enhance my public procurement knowledge.  CPPP, being online free course, provides the opportunity for learning while working.

The objective of the CPPP is to cover the basics of Public Procurement, to enable the participants to get an overview of Public Procurement and understand the rationale behind Public Procurement decisions. The course contents flow smoothly from one screen to another and has fulfilled the objective in an excellent way. I would invite all public procurement professionals to study the course. I really appreciate this excellent initiative of the World Bank.

Nitish Das




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