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Padmavathi V.S

I’m an electronics and telecommunication engineer, working for a premier Public Sector Undertaking M/s. Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore for nearly 23 years. My professional journey comprises of rich experience in Communication domain, through design and development of various subsystems and systems.

The encouragement from the company and self-interest are the key factors in completion of CPPP. The MOOC online course material comforts the learner with a pleasant learning experience and it is a visual & aural delight to go through at one’s convenience. “Congratulations” to the team who devised it.

The CPPP has provided an insight to public procurement procedures along with involved risks and governance issues.The knowledge gained through CPPP will be utilized as a strategic tool for improvisation of procurement process to reduce inventory, process cost &time and also bring in transparency in the procurement process. This largely aids in carrying out effective project management.

The CPPP experience is a clear indication that one need not be a Procurement Professional or Consultant to take up CPPP. It is a revelation to everyone, as all of us are procurers in one way or the other in our day to day life. Therefore “Attempt CPPP, Experience the innovative learning, Enhance the knowledge, since it is a NO COST NO LOSS LEARNING FOR ALL”.



Padmavathi V.S





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