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Rajesh Kumar

I have a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT )Bhopal (INDIA).

I have an overall experience of eight years of experience in various aspects of Public procurement. I have been working in Public procurement ever since 2011 after my graduation. I have been working in Material Management department of BHEL-EDN, Bangalore since 2011. I have been involved for procurement of raw material including copper and steel, electrical and electronics components, Computers software and Indirect materials including medicines.

I have been always fascinated with the fundamental of Public Procurement. Its not only a way of procurement of goods but the manner and ideals if follow like equality of opportunities to the suppliers, transparency of process etc.

There is a rising demand for public procurement professionals in the public sector. The course will definitely help to meet the demand for skilled procurement professionals. The participants will be able to understand the basic rules and regulations regarding procurement, methods of procurement for Goods, Works and Services in the public sector.

It is good to see that the World Bank is trying to help in establishing good governance and transparency especially in the Public Procurement sector around the world. The Certificate Program in Public Procurement (CPPP) designed by World Bank is a comprehensive program covering the majority of aspects of public procurement. CPPP is well designed with relevant examples for understanding the Public Procurement Process. I would strongly recommend the course to public sector officials who do not have sufficient knowledge and training in the field of public procurement and also to those individuals who are planning to work in the public-sector procurement.

Rajesh Kumar




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