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Hall of Fame
Dilli Ram Thapa

I have pursued Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management from Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Deothang, Bhutan.

My motivation to do this online course was because it is related to my field of study. This course touch base with several topics, such as procurement procedure, corruption, fraudulent practices, development of specification, and many other vital topics, which are my area of study. It provides wider knowledge and profound understanding about the public procurement in a simple language. Public procurement plays a crucial role in making significant decisions in which the resources can be utilized in an efficient way. In general, Certificate Program in Public Procurement (CPPP) can help develop knowledge in public procurement and keep us up-to-date on new practices.

The CPPP course provided me with newest opportunity to explore my future carrier in public procurement. I appreciate the World Bank for initiating this program, which has benefited many generations, and for making available the free online course. I would like to thank the World Bank for developing such a dedicated, user friendly online course, which is going to help a lot of professionals and students around the world.

Dilli Ram Thapa
Subash Kumar Bhattarai Dilli Ram Thapa

Rajesh Kumar


Dilli Ram Thapa


Rajesh Kumar

I have a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT )Bhopal (INDIA).

I have an overall experience of eight years of experience in various aspects of Public procurement. I have been working in Public procurement ever since 2011 after my graduation. I have been working in Material Management department of BHEL-EDN, Bangalore since 2011. I have been involved for procurement of raw material including copper and steel, electrical and electronics components, Computers software and Indirect materials including medicines.

I have been always fascinated with the fundamental of Public Procurement. Its not only a way of procurement of goods but the manner and ideals if follow like equality of opportunities to the suppliers, transparency of process etc.

There is a rising demand for public procurement professionals in the public sector. The course will definitely help to meet the demand for skilled procurement professionals. The participants will be able to understand the basic rules and regulations regarding procurement, methods of procurement for Goods, Works and Services in the public sector.

It is good to see that the World Bank is trying to help in establishing good governance and transparency especially in the Public Procurement sector around the world. The Certificate Program in Public Procurement (CPPP) designed by World Bank is a comprehensive program covering the majority of aspects of public procurement. CPPP is well designed with relevant examples for understanding the Public Procurement Process. I would strongly recommend the course to public sector officials who do not have sufficient knowledge and training in the field of public procurement and also to those individuals who are planning to work in the public-sector procurement.

Rajesh Kumar

I have a Master of Commerce Degree from IDOL, under Guwahati University, India. Currently, I am pursuing an MBA in finance from Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU), India.

I have an overall experience of five years, wherein I have worked with an international organization called World Vision as a Supply Chain Coordinator for 4.3 years.

While working at this organization, I was engaged in various procurement-related activities concerning the project, from floating bids to awarding contracts to the qualified contractors and vendors. I was also responsible for the administrative section of the project that lead for the development of the poor and needy in rural areas. Currently, I am working as a Procurement Management Executive in Assam Rural Infrastructure & Agricultural Services (ARIAS) Society, which is financed by the World Bank.

At my current organization, I undertake public procurement activities as per World Bank guidelines, in that way CPPP course has given me a tremendous knowledge and learning, which gives me a head start to handle all the procurement activities of the organization. I find the course very interactive and is presented in a very interesting manner with various activities in between the modules, which will let you know how much you have learned from this course. I am truly pleased, grateful, and honored for completing this certification program with distinction.

I would like to thank iNET procurement for developing such a dedicated, user friendly, and public procurement-focused learning portal, which is going to help a lot of professionals around the world. I would like to encourage everyone to take up the course, which will give a detailed input and learning about public procurement, which is beneficial for all, irrespective of the departments they work, as procurement is vital for any organization.


I have a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering (Construction Management Program), with a specialization in Public Procurement from Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I completed a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

I have been involved in the civil engineering field for over ten years with more than seven years of specific experience in Public Procurement in the Transportation in World Bank-funded projects in Nepal. Currently, I am working as a Procurement Specialist on an Urban Transport project supported by the World Bank.

I do also have experience as Project Engineer in World Bank-supported rural transport projects such as SNRTP and RAIDP in Nepal. I am well acquainted with government procedures and donor requisites in Public Procurement. I also have good working knowledge of the World Bank’s procurement policies, guidelines, and procedures. I am educated and trained with FIDIC Red/Yellow book, ADB forms of contracts, including Claim analysis/evaluation, Adjudication, Arbitration, Dispute Avoidance, etc. I am well practiced with World Bank and Nepalese forms of contracts.

As a public procurement practitioner, I did the in CPPP course to have basic ideas regarding global practices in public procurement. And additional advantages are also there to have a CPPP certificate while competing for procurement personnel in many organizations around the world.

This CPPP learning via MOOC along with my area of interest, experience, and expertise will help me conduct procurement related tasks successfully. This learning program is, definitely, going to make me more professional towards my duties. With the CPPP Certification, I will increase my professionalism in public procurement practices. Hopefully, this will also give me a professional recognition, personal satisfaction, career advancements/opportunities, indicator of expertise, increased credibility, etc.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. I have a total of 12 years of experience in various multilateral, bilateral, and international humanitarian organizations.

While practical experience has taught me a lot of the intricacies of public procurement, I also got the opportunity to participate in various training programs on public procurement. For instance, I have undertaken Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management training from USAID Paani Program, IFRC, Oxfam GB Nepal, and Development Alternative Incorporation (DAI) Global LLC.

Extensive knowledge is paramount to exhibit competency in the field, followed by professional ethics and values. It is crucial to me, as a professional, to continually improve my knowledge and skills, and that is only possible by participating in relevant course studies/training programs. I found the structured course contents of CPPP, in Procurement iNET, to enhance my knowledge in public procurement.  CPPP provides the opportunity to learn while working. As a procurement specialist, I am very enthusiastic to learn more about standard tools, techniques, procurement policies, logistics, and supply chain management. That was the main reason I undertook the CPPP so passionately. I am honoured with my score (93.33 percent) in the overall assessment.

The objective of the CPPP is to cover the basics of Public Procurement, to enable the participants to get an overview of Public Procurement and understand the rationale behind Public Procurement decisions. The course contents flow smoothly from one screen to another. The course has perfectly fulfilled its objective. I strongly encourage all public procurement professionals to undertake the course. I appreciate the excellent initiative of the World Bank.

I am delighted that I have accomplished to conclude the CPPP with distinction. The CPPP training is highly inspiring, informative, and interactive. The World Bank and iNET have made a great effort to cover all dimensions of public procurement.  The online courses have a friendly interface design and explain clearly and concisely all the content. The CPPP is a must-do for public procurement specialists. 

Hashmatullah Mohammadi

I have a B.A (Economics) and an MBA (Financial Management and Human Resources Management) from India.

It has been 2 years that I am involve in procurement and currently work as procurement manager in Government sector. Besides attending some workshops on public procurement, I have completed CIPS Level-2 and currently working on Level-3 program.

Working in procurement is a challenging task especially in public sector where we have to try our best considering the applicable rules and regulations to ensure value for money in spending public fund. I thoroughly enjoy working in procurement and hence I try to learn as much as possible to become an expert and contribute to the maximum to this field.

The CPPP online training program initiated by World Bank is an efficient and resourceful platform for people in procurement. It worth investing your time in. I personally gained valuable knowledge through this program. The platform is user-friendly and is well structured. Similarly the content of the program is relevant and has been developed in a smart and yet simple way which gives you a complete picture of public procurement process in general. I admire the work of those in charge of initiating this precious program and highly recommend this program for procurement professionals to brush up on their procurement knowledge, and for non-procurement professionals to re-shape their perception of procurement function in public sector. 

Hashmatullah Mohammadi
Ermansyah SE

I completed my graduation in accounting from Indonesia.

Overall, I have 12 years of working experience and out of which 5 years I have worked in public procurement

My current job involves a lot of procurement activities. CPPP provided me an opportunity to increase my knowledge base and learn the nuances for better and efficient implementation of public procurement.

Since considerable proportion of expenditure out of Revenue of any country is made through public procurement, so, there is utmost requirement to make it professional in order to achieve the developmental goals of the country. Professionalization of public procurement can build a better world. With professionalization, the implementation of projects would be far from corruption.

CPPP is a highly inspiring, insightful, informatory and interactive course. World Bank has made a great effort in making CPPP extremely engaging and covered all dimensions of public procurement. Concepts have been explained very clearly.

Ermansyah SE
Chandra Bdr Rai

I am a continuing student pursuing Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management from Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Deothang, Bhutan after working for two years in Computer Zone at Phuentsholing, Bhutan as a Purchasing Manager.

I have done CPPP mainly because It is mostly related to my current course of study. CPPP gives you an opportunity to learn and develop at your comfort and has been made easy to understand. It a captivating and complimentary course for the user, which will enhance our knowledge and develop skills for better future. A very useful program, value for money and time. This online course helped me to enhance my knowledge in procurement.

Pursuing the course gives me confidence to handle procurement and would help me in my future career endeavours in procurement. CPPP is a platform where student like me will obtain abundant of knowledge about procurement. I really appreciate this excellent initiative of the World Bank.

Chandra Bdr Rai
Rohit Srivastava

I have completed my Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Operations Management and I am certified fiber to the home professional  and FTTx -OSP Design Consultant from FTTH council America.

I have 8 years of experience in various multinational corporations like   HCL, EY, PWC etc. Presently I am running my own start up named Dparth Technologies and working on establishing state-of-the-art network infrastructure to serve as backbone for various Digital States.

I have procurement specific experience as I have worked on various procurement requirements in establishing BharatNet,  National Data Centre and state data centre requirements of various banks and education hubs across India.

Public procurement has significant consideration of accountability, effectiveness and sustainability. Hence the procurement process should be well understood by the procuring agencies and professionals. It is an excellent initiative by World Bank to offer a well-designed, interactive and free online course on CPPP. Although I was aware of various procurement rules, procedures and policies being followed in my organisation, this Course CPPP has given me an in-depth understanding of many procedures in public procurement.

I would like to recommend all prospective Procurement professionals to undertake this course as it will really help in increasing their knowledge base which eventually will help them tackle various challenges in the field of public procurement. It is an excellent initiative by World Bank to offer a well-designed, interactive and free online course on CPPP. It’s in-depth and rich knowledge base will really help me to inculcate and implement various new concepts in my working field.

Rohit Srivastava




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