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Professional Diploma programme in Public Procurement - Powered by Charter for Public Procurement Studies

Public Procurement & Good Governance – PDPP Certification (Module 6) – Webinar


In pursuit of excellence in Procurement & SCM

15-25% of GDP in developing countries is spent each year buying goods and services for public projects. From schools and hospitals, to power plants and dams, this means big budgets and complex plans. It also means ideal opportunities for corruption.

This increases the cost of services to the public. But corruption in public procurement isn’t just about money. It also reduces the quality of work or services. And it can cost lives. People in many countries have paid a terrible personal price for collapsed buildings and counterfeit medicines.

To mitigate above risks, there is an urgent need to address various governance risk issues. In addition, professionalizing the procurement function will go a long way in building the highest standard of ethics during procurement or execution of such projects. Leveraging technology to make the system more transparent will also help in prevention of corruption.

Date & Time
Thursday March 5th, 2015
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST

What you will learn?
  1. Understanding the concept of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.
  2. Governance issues in Public Procurement.
  3. Governance Risks in various stages of Procurement.
  4. Reducing Corruption & its impact on society.
  5. Various strategies to prevent corruption.
  6. Different types of anti-competitive behaviours.
  7. Leveraging technology as a tool to reduce corruption.
  8. and more…

  • This webinar will be of 60 minutes including 15 minutes for Q&A.
  • In addition you can earn Continuing Education Hour (CEH) for CPSM certification.





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