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Professional Diploma programme in Public Procurement - Powered by Charter for Public Procurement Studies

Welcome to the Knowledge Portal on Public Procurement

The Governance – Global Practice of The World Bank and the partner institutions of Charter for Public Procurement Studies (CPPS) proudly presents the world’s first one-stop portal dedicated to knowledge-sharing and networking in the public procurement arena

Powered by Governance – Global Practice of The World Bank, the portal offers unique advantages by leveraging the partnership with the Charter for Public Procurement Studies (CPPS). Leading public and private educational, training institutes and deemed universities such as AIM, AIMA, ASCI, CIRC, HLL Academy, IIMM, IRILMM, ISM,, and SCDL, from South Asia have come together to form the CPPS.

With technical and financial support of the World Bank, the portal offers two different types of learning programs in Public Procurement, leading up to a Certificate or Professional Diploma. They are offered through a blended online / offline methodology. The portal caters to multiple modes of assimilation: self-learning, reflective activities, and social aspects of learning via participation in various blogs, chat forums, webinars, talks.

The Certificate Program in Public Procurement (CPPP) is unique in that it is the first ever, free procurement certificate delivered as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The MOOC consists of 3 basic Modules, launched in March 2014 during the Second South Asia Regional Procurement Conference at Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Certificate Program in Public Procurement (CPPP) caters to procurement practitioners across the globe with its focus on procurement principles, management concepts applicable to public procurement and operations and governance in public procurement. The course provides the learners with an opportunity to gather knowledge, peer review submissions and obtain a certificate after successful completion of the course, with an additional benefit of attaining credits to PDPP.

CPPP is available free of cost to the learners: to register click here

The ‘Professional Diploma in Public Procurement’ (PDPP) is more comprehensive. It contains 11 Modules (6 core and 2 optional, out of the remaining 5) covering all aspects of Public Procurement – to be launched in July 2014. An intensive six-month e-learning course followed by a 5-day Workshop cum Assessment, the Professional Diploma in Public Procurement (PDPP) is delivered through partner institutions specifically on the country’s public procurement systems. The distinguishing feature of this course is its innovative learning approach: the blended online/offline learning methodology. The individual enjoys the flexibility that the e-learning modules offer and at the same time gets the advantage of face-to-face interactions with the faculty and co-learners during the workshop. The learning covers the full range of learning from conceptual to experiential. Learners are assessed on their ability to integrate their knowledge base with specific case studies, problem solving and final assessment.

The Professional Diploma in Public Procurement is a country specific public procurement course. We are delighted to announce that the program will be launched first in India in July 2014, enabling Indians to understand and excel in the Indian Public procurement systems.

The Professional Diploma in Public Procurement is poised to reach learners in other South Asian countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Nepal to offer country specific courses. Bookmark this page and be the first one to enroll to get a professional diploma in public procurement from a prestigious institution in your country.

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